Monday, December 25, 2006

zup bitches

have you guys tried the new photoshop cs3 beta? so far i can't tell the difference e e; but it might run faster. might. i can't tell. my ps2 is dead. i think sarah and jimmy kept telling me this and i stared at them stupidly. and i... OH WAIT IT WORKS!! it's my tv! my tv was what wasn't working! well fuck this drawing shit, i'mma play some video games!!! AHHH! i'm so happy! edit: oh.. wait no... no it IS my ps2 = = it fails now! edit 2: OH IT'S WORKING AGAIN isn't a tv hard to break though? huh. well i guess that means i rock. i have nerdy dreams. last night i had a dream where i was arguing with someone about batman or something. some sketches and shit! lethans and helsea from an oc session with klars london from mechanism for peppinochuschans hitachiin twins from ouran for koibitoofitachi rat pirate for jovieb red for resemble karolina dean from runaways for sarahs/chibinysska dom and sumi for remmycakes

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Chickie, New Sketchbook, and Novel

Hi kids. Today I started doing the weekly newsletter for the Bonners. Being an ass, I filled it with my usual threats of doom and signed it "Adriana". Having been raised in Fucking Nowhere, Ohio, surrounded by heathers and emilys and  bubbas, I never had any reason to be insecure in my identity. I was almost under the impression that I was the only Adriana in existence, until I met Adri. Now, this year there is another Adriana not only ON MY CAMPUS but IN THE BONNER PROGRAM, a freshman. And this other Adriana wrote to Donna (my boss) with the following:

I think we need to be more specific about which Adriana is going to be
enforcing a reign of terror upon the Bonner email list.
Love, "the other" Adriana

To which I replied:

How horrible! It's begun! After a lifetime of never being confused for anyone else, you've come to upturn my empire. I will say when reviewing applications for new Bonners I made VERY clear my reluctance to accept a new Adriana into the fold. "Either her or me!" I said to the other people who were unable to think of a clever excuse not to have to review applications. At which point it was made clear to me that all along they had been intending to replace me with another Adriana but the application to kick me out of the program had been lost in the mail. They had all sorts of pathetic excuses like "this one wont beat us" and "this one doesn't have that foul stench" and "this one is literate."
But you have a point. We SHOULD distinguish ourselves from one another. From now on I shall be Adriana the Greater and you shall be Adriana the Lesser, or in Latin, Adriana Major and Adriana Minor. Or perhaps I shall just be Adriana the Magnificent and you can be simply Adriana. Or, as I have expressed to Donna, your appearance has caused me to try and formulate a new name for myself, and I might simply go by "Chickie" as "Chickie" Ferguson has a nice ring to it. But I would prefer it if you would change your first name to something else like Bob, or Ferdinand, or Frank. I'm rather partial to Frank.

I'm very serious, I really do want to change my name to Chickie. Doesn't it sound nice? Chickie, Chickie, Chickie, say it out loud and you'll see.

The New Sketchbook:
The color sketchbook is coming along nicely, I'm adding at least three images a day and by this weekend I except to be satisfied that I'll have enough to cull down to 50 pages worth of material.

Poison Novel:
I'm also writing a book, participating in! There are many different types of histories, some that follow eras (Byzantine, Modern, post-Modern, Victorian, Bronze Age) and -isms (communism, fascism, egalitarianism) and others that follow -acies (monarchies, democracies, theocracies). But I also think it's useful to think of History in terms of the individual. An I thought it might be interesting to write a history for a time period that hasn't happened yet in the form of an autobiography. The book takes place in the same universe as Mechanism and is the autobiography of Artemisia. At the age of 13 she begins to exhale a poisonous gas that kills pretty much anyone except her. The condition is irreversible and always ultimately fatal. So she basically lives in this quarantined  apartment and wrote this book to kill time. I guess the book is about her life and how she copes with it but it also describes the culture that she lives both in and outside of. It's very hard for me to describe! But if you'd like to read an except you can find it...

Here in doc format:

And here in rtf format:

Although they share the same name and appearance, I don't think there's very much in common between the Artemisia that's mafia affiliated and the Mechanism version, the biggest correlation being that in my mind, they're the same people in different situations and time periods.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hella sketches

some doodles-

Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm uber hella sick! again ; ; i watched a touch of evil last night, directed by orson wells (he did citizen kane!). it was very good! a little weird at some part though so i was baffled. like they seemed to equate marijuana with cocaine? like... that people would kill each other when they were high on it?

If you get killed by a pothead... i'm sorry but that's darwin, buddy.  Hey, i'm going to be doing a short comic for yp! i'll give you guys more info in a couple months when it's done!

most of this stuff is jisuk's Ferris!

random arty

tiny arty and ferris

Arty. she'd never pose like this. she's made of boy. "arty" is short for "artemisia".

Kane and Demos




Seamus attacks Ferris


arty attacks ferris too! it's AU because she's wearing a skirt. arty hate skirt.


more arty and ferris


i watched the producers. and... i won't even explain myself.


also. do you guys this it would be ok if i posted this on DA? or is this like porn? ignore the fact that i put "porn" in the file name. there are titties. you have been warned.

Monday, June 5, 2006

so i got to my summer housing and... no internets. but only for me. everyone else worked ; ; so i took the opportunity to draw another shitload.

sakura! okashi's sakura is very hard for me to draw so i practiced!

billion kanes +yaya + demos

this is a combination of pages from my sketchbook:

mitsuki from kappa mikey! i love mitsuki ; ;

ferris and marco! it was hard for me not to make him look liek kane. because i suck and make everyone look like kane.

one of those many failed attempts at sakura what the fuck.

random sumire.

these are a bunch of combined pages of dom and simone/sumire and royce

Thursday, June 1, 2006


iiiii went to fanime and had a great great time! thank you so much, okashies and jake, for looking after me! you guys were so great! i'm sorry iteased you so much jake! ; ;

oh god. i drew so much... but right now i'm too tired to desc everything. everyone belongs to... their peoples. oh god.