Monday, March 27, 2006

thumbs ahoy

my teeth fucking hurt like a crazy bitch. ok i realize not having thumbs and shit might annoy people so... i will use shitty html powers!! oh god i think the formatting is really bad... mauies' killian. kane and sasa vv and klar do battle for spec vv hassling smishies again, i dunno if i'll leave her in when i color it. poofs!! ok so like. in ancient rome, if you conquer britain you're "britannicus". if you conquer germany you're "germanicus". so... gaul = france = gallicus. and that is my nerd shit for the day. forsythia and a shitty tiny trois. jonas and fao for digikyms. you can probably tell by the underwork, it started as kane then it was pascale now it's fao. all my characters look the same ; ; they're all retarded ; ; these next three are ones i did for a mini-con. UGH JESUS FORMATTING WHAT... any html savy person have tips on how to make this not look so shitty?

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