Thursday, March 2, 2006

WHERE YOU AT, DOG? is the fucking shit. it's SO the shit that i keep worrying that they're soemthing in the contract that is like "and we get to eat your babies". Since my sketchbook is done i don't have to like, horde my sketches and not show anytone anymore! so here's some stuff, most of it i drew today. in class. don't worry, i'm good at listening at the same time!! ; ; Image hosting by forgot pascale's ears. that's a baby yaya up there. yaya belongs ot okashiesdarling. a lot of this is chiba and yaya. Image hosting by Image hosting by Image hosting by the one guy is Erish S. Gruen who is giving lectures here this week on cultural identity in ancient greece and rome. Image hosting by the lady at the bottom is from Night Watch. Image hosting by

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