Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm uber hella sick! again ; ; i watched a touch of evil last night, directed by orson wells (he did citizen kane!). it was very good! a little weird at some part though so i was baffled. like they seemed to equate marijuana with cocaine? like... that people would kill each other when they were high on it?

If you get killed by a pothead... i'm sorry but that's darwin, buddy.  Hey, i'm going to be doing a short comic for yp! i'll give you guys more info in a couple months when it's done!

most of this stuff is jisuk's Ferris!

random arty

tiny arty and ferris

Arty. she'd never pose like this. she's made of boy. "arty" is short for "artemisia".

Kane and Demos




Seamus attacks Ferris


arty attacks ferris too! it's AU because she's wearing a skirt. arty hate skirt.


more arty and ferris


i watched the producers. and... i won't even explain myself.


also. do you guys this it would be ok if i posted this on DA? or is this like porn? ignore the fact that i put "porn" in the file name. there are titties. you have been warned.

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