Monday, December 25, 2006

zup bitches

have you guys tried the new photoshop cs3 beta? so far i can't tell the difference e e; but it might run faster. might. i can't tell. my ps2 is dead. i think sarah and jimmy kept telling me this and i stared at them stupidly. and i... OH WAIT IT WORKS!! it's my tv! my tv was what wasn't working! well fuck this drawing shit, i'mma play some video games!!! AHHH! i'm so happy! edit: oh.. wait no... no it IS my ps2 = = it fails now! edit 2: OH IT'S WORKING AGAIN isn't a tv hard to break though? huh. well i guess that means i rock. i have nerdy dreams. last night i had a dream where i was arguing with someone about batman or something. some sketches and shit! lethans and helsea from an oc session with klars london from mechanism for peppinochuschans hitachiin twins from ouran for koibitoofitachi rat pirate for jovieb red for resemble karolina dean from runaways for sarahs/chibinysska dom and sumi for remmycakes