Sunday, November 4, 2007

sketches and other shit

wonderwoman and selina alfred and batman
beastboy and aqualad batman and robin az and yaya
kane barbarian lady

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

metric and some sketches, contest, and that comic

hey bitches. so i just got back from a metric concert. i've never been to a concert before so i was like, horrified by how loud it was at first. well, not hte loudness but like, how the bass vibrated in my chest, it freaked me out. metric was really really good live! which makes me happy, something i hear bands live and they suck but they were better live! like some songs like hustle rose and rock me now i don't give a shit about but they were really amazing live! something about the addition of a blonde that looks high and colored lights made it better? or something? oh but the lead singer was so fucking incoherent. all her singing was top notch but when she stopped and spoke to the audience it was like, the craziest fucking nonsense shit you've ever heard. like it was all english words but none of them seemed to form into sentences.

and the band that opened for them, crystal castles? HOLY SHIT. so fucking good! i'll be posting up a new mix in a few days so look out for that. man. how much do i fucking hate people taking pictures with their cellphones at concerts?! it's SO distracting and rude! god there's this one fucking cellphone commercial where it's a concert and it starts pointing to all these people with cellphones and you think "man, i hope this is a fucking ettiquette commercial" but they're like "THESE PEOPE ARE WIRELESS". what those arrows should say is "THESE PEOPLE ARE DOUCHEBAG FUCKHEADS THAT NEED TO FILL THEIR FUCKING MYSPACE PAGES AND BLOGS WITH PHOTOS OF SHIT TO GIVE MEANING TO THEIR DISGUSTING HIPSTER FAUX THRIFTSTORE LIVES". man. we almsot didn't go to the concert because in line there were so many skinny-leg-jean, slip-on-shoe, shirt-dress, tattered-stockings, distressed shoes, ugly old curtain-looking blouse grandma,  vintage handbage toting shitheads that i threw up in my mouth. btw, blogs and myspace pages are the most obnoxius format for a website to me, btw. get a real fucking website, i cannot watch your blog (and do not talk to me about feeds, motherfucker i will kill you). and i hate your myspace page covered in impossible to read shit.

oh and if you weren't aware, me and have been having a contest (check my da page), there's only 5 days left so fucking get on that shit, some of the categories are hella empty. you want some markers and shit, yeah?

so, i got this sketchbook, yeah? it's made out of an old scifi novel, like they cut out the pages and put in blank ones and rebound it. it's pretty small but it's good for tucking into my purse.  so here's some shit from that and some stuff that i've had laying around:

girl with bunnies   sumire.  some girl. or boy.
  some girl.  yaya and sunflowers.

  uh this is from oc. starc :0

uh. hm, i feel like there was something else. oh uh remember that comic i was doing for yp? i stopped  @@! it's sad cuz i only had like 6 pages left and i liked it. so  gave yamila the six pencilled pages i had done and someone else will finish them! i know they'll do a better job finishing it than i could! but i don't have time to like, do it after work. after work i'm so tired! all i can handle is pencils in my schedule. (pencils where okashi does all the fucking work and practically draws the pages). well the first page i did is pretty detailed on accident because like, and i had a miscommunication where i thought she was saying i shouldn't draw the clothing on people. she meant draw like a vague sloppy rough of the clothing, but i thought she meant naked. so now everyone on the pages is weirdly naked. she stared at it in confusion like "wtf, why are they all naked vv".

so in the comic, kane and yaya go to this little priss school and there happens to be a historical priss school down the block from us so we went and took pictures of it for reference and bgs and shit. this building is now a condo complex and now me and okash are vaguely obsessed with getting condos there. maybe if i work really hard and save up!

any of you guys play pop'n music? we rocked that at an arcade recently and it's so cool so we got it for our ps2 and the controllers areo n order, i haven't played it yet because... i don't like playing games so much as i like watching them. i wish there was a channel that just played video game footage all day.

at work, i listen to audio books and podcasts. i really like, it's really fucking hilarious even if you don't know much about comics. shit, i love it when skottie young makes fun of jim lee and frank miller's shitty art. (their art sucks, if you don't think so you can suck my cock. seriously.) man! i want to do a podcast! but i stammer nervously too much! @@  that and i'm boring ("so

i'm also listening to neuromancer and son of a witch (the sequel to wicked). is it just me or does son of a witch fucking blow? there're all these fucking chapters with these nuns and how much do i not give a shit about the nuns? and a lot of the violence and certain things in it seem to just be there for shock value too, it''s either super fuck boring with nothing going on or like, weird horrible violence and general unpleasantness... i'm not sure.

i love neuromancer, holy shit. it's like, my favorite book i've never read. i know mechanism is a cyberpunk thing, but i've never actually read any cyber punk. one of the characters is weirdly similar to mine (certain really specific details but not like, entirely? just enough to weird me out. it's pretty obvious that william gibson traveled through time and stole my ideas from my unborn head.).

watched the first season of dexter, you should too. thanks to sarah for reccommending it.

uh. well some personal shit happened and i had to go back to ohio for a little but but i don't want to talk about that so i won't :D!

Monday, September 3, 2007

i like cheap markers

so since my last entry i got a new job. a new AMAZING FUCKING JOB. SO AWESOME! when the public beta stuff actually comes out  i'll plug it like hell. i make so much fucking money i am so god damned spoiled :/!!! i don't deserve this shit at all, oh my god. so i've been sketching a lot but i can't post 90% of it because it's for the sketchbook me and[info]okashichan are making!  yesterday we went to staples and i got this and this and this  and made some pictures! they're in color so it's ok to show you. :0

  this is for suppi on da for her bday.

sumire with some catzen :0

narci, one of the clones form kane's line.

Friday, February 16, 2007

some like it hot - sketch update

hey guys! the +color books are here! I'll be mailing them out as soon as we get the button parts and make the buttons for them!

in the mean time, here are some sketches! i've been doing some freelance work for a difficult client @ @! so i made a lot of pictures that didn't make the final cut. i was also doodling some fashion ideas using poor Arty.


this is albarn for scottdarling! arty is in there too...

this was going to be an outfit for arty but it turned into some tiny cat thing. i wish arty was a tiny cat thing...

another attempt at outfits. arty is sitting there with mushrooms, it's a picture i want to develop sometime ; ;

arty outfit. it's comfortable but she doesn't like to wear white. also, there's a titty in there. that boy she's leaning on is albarn again.

more outfits. arty's tits are much too big in this.

another drawing of that kitty thing. and her little friend.

sumire flexing her shit. ignore that hideous profile picture. wtf is she wearing *weep* she's hard to dress, i think that's why i make her naked or in skintight shit so much.

kane is a troublemaker.

so i did these sketches first. which were denied. they wanted something less boy and more manly.

then i did these which were also denied :D but i'm done with this one for now so i'm pleased =    =