Friday, February 16, 2007

some like it hot - sketch update

hey guys! the +color books are here! I'll be mailing them out as soon as we get the button parts and make the buttons for them!

in the mean time, here are some sketches! i've been doing some freelance work for a difficult client @ @! so i made a lot of pictures that didn't make the final cut. i was also doodling some fashion ideas using poor Arty.


this is albarn for scottdarling! arty is in there too...

this was going to be an outfit for arty but it turned into some tiny cat thing. i wish arty was a tiny cat thing...

another attempt at outfits. arty is sitting there with mushrooms, it's a picture i want to develop sometime ; ;

arty outfit. it's comfortable but she doesn't like to wear white. also, there's a titty in there. that boy she's leaning on is albarn again.

more outfits. arty's tits are much too big in this.

another drawing of that kitty thing. and her little friend.

sumire flexing her shit. ignore that hideous profile picture. wtf is she wearing *weep* she's hard to dress, i think that's why i make her naked or in skintight shit so much.

kane is a troublemaker.

so i did these sketches first. which were denied. they wanted something less boy and more manly.

then i did these which were also denied :D but i'm done with this one for now so i'm pleased =    =