Tuesday, December 9, 2008

arandzi sketches

i drew lots of arandzi.


that last picture, it looks different in real life. ever scan something badly and then you realize it's super fucking deformed? i feel guilty editing things so heavily... so  i destroyed the original. it's a balance that only makes sense in my head. =_=;

i wish i could post up a link to jon stewart interviewing mike huckabee on tonight's episode. couldn't find one. i'm sure it'll be everywhere tomorrow.  i started crying really hard in the middle of it. hahah i'm not even sure why @__@!! i think it's weird to see someone actually saying those words outloud and just... really unapologetic.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

delhi, nilo, founders

ughhh so sick. we saw bolt last night. holy shit, fucking adorable. go see it. so so funny.


nilo with a robot's head. practicing musculature.  i think i'm over thinking it, he loosk really awkward ;_;

  business man nilo

legion founders. legion will be on the next episode of smallville. unfortunately, the next new episode is in fucking january. i might actually explode in the meantime.

i love the new millenium show is like fucking catnip for me

Thursday, November 20, 2008

welcome home

mon-el, krypto, superman.

ok so mon-el might get out of the fucking phantom zone. again. awesome. so i wanted to do a picture of them hugging but then i drew mon-el's head too far away and well it was looking really inappropriate, like i couldn't position their arms so that it didn't look like porn. so i put the dog in there to explain why they're at such an awkward distance.

dogs are hard to draw. kyprto's like "DON'T WORRY, I'LL COVER YOU WITH DOG SPIT"


drew superman. i used to draw big dudes like him all the time, i had to, considering Ilk, but i'm finding it harder now for some reason!! i keep making his face look like a baby and his nose shorter and more upturned? younger looking than people usually draw him. i also like him with more expressive eyes which also adds youth to a person...

still working on it. i'm really going to try and work on a mon-el picture.

also he keeps looking like a gay pornstar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more losh

LOSH 47. not just a let down but perhaps the biggest rickroll upon my sad fangirl heart ever.

i was going to make a scans_daily post about it but jesus christ i don't feel like listening to retards with shitty taste defend it right now. maybe later i will catalogue the explisve diarrhea that was shooter's run upon it's approaching climax.

on a much awesomer note, the legion will be in adventure comics again! sweet!! yes, come to me.

and here's a blank version.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

legion of three querls

i really like legion of three worlds. because the only thing better than 1 querl is 2 querls. and the only thing better than that is three querls.

querls in winter clothing~

see, the third lyle is dead, so i guess this is a little sad since he's happy to see them...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


((no sketch))

thank god for obama. god.

i grew up in ohio, i only moved from there to seattle at the beginning of 07.

i went to school with a girl whose dad was a grand wizard in the local KKK chapter. when i was as little as 5 years old teachers would treat me what i'll called 'differently". the mothers in the girlscouts told their daughters not to play with me (for the record, i've never gotten a detention in my life, i've gotten a time out ONCE in 4th grade, i was probably the most well behaved child you've ever fucking seen). when our football team would play a black school, they'd put rebel flags in their trucks. i remember being in study hall and a kid drew a picture of a back person being hanged. teacher came in and looked at it erased it, but did nothing. when i was 13 or so this boy asked me out. a couple days later he said he had to break up with me because ifh is dad found out he was dating a not white person he'd beat the fuck out of him. I'm 23. This wasn't 40 years ago, this wasn't 30 years ago, this wasn't 20 years ago, this was 10 years ago. This was 6 years ago.

i never, EVER thought we would have a black president in my lifetime. i didn't think he'd get past the primaries. i ddn't think he'd be nominated. i'm glad i was wrong. i'm glad that if I have a kid, they'll grow up in an american where people won't think "there will never be a minority president".

((oh, i'm also glad that 99 percent of my friends list is happy. people that are freakish mccain supporters are being removed :D))

california, please. please no on prop 8. for those of you on the team in california, i feel for you, i hope your marriages aren't rendered illegal. no one can take your love away!! i hope that when i want to settle down with a special lady, i'll be able to.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

fan art will be here

ok... so i think i'm going to keep my gay fan art exclusively here (on my lj and this blog which is a mirror).

to keep shit clean, my rambling about whatever the fuck will be under a cut.... hahaha now i have to edit fucking template on blogger to understand cuts =___=; only one of these is fanart.

also, i messed wiht the template. it took me FOREVER i am SO BAD at this god @___@!!!

jimmy olsen, lois, lana (old school version)

when i'm on autopilot, i just draw heads.

arandzi from stop

Sunday, October 5, 2008


arandzi from stop

Friday, September 26, 2008

the internet is boring

i have found the most seriously boring blog in the history of the internet. A BLOG ABOUT PENCILS

what's MORE amazing? they don't really talk about mechanical pencils. like to them, mechanical pencils aren't real pencils or something. like holy shit. so fucking boring and i CANNOT STOP READING IT. the amount of knowledge on these obscure pencils is insane. what's weird is that i have shit tons of art supplies and pencils. i have so fucking many you have no idea. it's a serious addiction. but these people seem utterly different. my understanding and subsequent usage of the cylindrical objects i horde so psychotically is strikingly primitive. i also have very little comprehension of QUALITY. i use pretty much everything i can, from shitty ass rose art crap found in a child's lunch box to the coveted trias and copics. all are mercilessly brutalized. i find that sometimes, more important than the lead is the eraser. as long as i can get the shit off the paper a good amount of times i'm happy. i secretly despise pencils that are sp high brow that they don't have erasers. they destroy me with their astonishing impracticality.

what's fucking weird surprising is that the people that are super into these pencils don't seem to be artists, they seem to like using them soley for the purpose of jotting down notes.  okay, follow along: an ELECTRONIC JOURNAL that takes NOTES on PENCILS they use to TAKE NOTES  WITH although they obviously have access to a computer (presumably notes not about pencils...). they also describe the lead wood casing with terms i would never apply to art supplies. don't get me wrong, i think we all know a shitty pencil when we see one (usually the one your asshole parents got you that were about 50 fucking million for three cents, and every time you had to make do with it you wanted to find the person that made that piece of shit and kill them with the sharp metal that became exposed when the eraser fell the fuck out). but for me there was only "shitty fuck pencil" and "normal pencil". wooden pencils are just fucking annoying to me now, because i have to sharpen them and sometimes that goes horribly wrong. and never goes right again. when i get handed a wooden pencil i feel very surprised like "what the fuck is this? you still exist, wooden pencil?! people still exist that think you're acceptable?" it'd be like someone handing me a rotary phone.

one thing that's cool is that they photograph all the pencils very close up and make them look like very pretty works of art.

anyways. if you're a fucking weirdo like me, you might consider joining the PENCIL OF THE MONTH CLUB. the website is pretty ghetto but they deliver and holy shit do they love their pencils. i ended up looking at that blog just trying to figure out wtf they'd sent me this time. i liek getting things in the mail. last tiem they sent a nail buffer, which has nothing to do with pencils but i had just been thinking that i NEEDED a nail buffer so i saw this as a very serious sign.

some sketches and a commission:


Saturday, September 20, 2008


hey guys! i downloaded a really cool program that lets me crosspost between livejournal and blogger! you can get it here! cool, eh?! so now everything i post in my lj will show up here! this saves me so much!!


so. uh. here!

this is a commission for allytha!!

this is mysa nal and nura nal (white witch and dream girl).

Friday, September 12, 2008


calling cards

man i read this with such intense attention. i think the signature on a forum or email is the modern calling-card, no? i have such a bizarre love for complex, pretentious shit. holy fuck. using obscure initials for defunct phrases in french is my dream for some reason.

since i'm posting links to things, there's also omiru. i technically work in something fashion related, so i stare at this sometimes and cry sad tears of bitterness.


i'm actually very bad at knowing what matches what. this helps a bit.

nilo from STOP

my avatar on flyff

commission for stacey of some elfquest people.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

some shit


slowly. i love mon-el more and more every day. maybe a work in prog, dunno if i'll work on it more or not.

have you tried out google's chrome?!! it is the SHIT. it merged with my fucking firefox and slowly seeped into my body. still need firefox because it has fireftp and a handy button that takes me to gmails but other than that.... holy fuck. WELL PLAYED, GOOGLE, WELL PLAYED.

in the future, all technology will be google, and the only music will be santogold, and the only writer of fiction will be geoff johns. except for the music part, my life will be complete.

we went to the museum the other day. they had a HORRIBLE exhibit on impressionism. i cry so many tears at art historians, it's like they'd never painted a god damn picture in their life. i just want to shake them some times "THEY WEREN'T MAKING A STATEMENT ON ANYTHING, THEY WERE JUST TRYING TO PAINT THE FUCKING HAND AND THEY FUCKED IT ALL UP"

but it made me wanna to a portrait. let me do a quick portrait.

i have been playing flyff with okashes, stumbled upon it when we were trying to find some examples of other item based economy mmos to show the bosses. and giving them ALL MY FUCKING MONEY OMFG. any of you guys play it?

if you follow my sketch dump you've already seen this. i need to climb back on the commission wagon.

something i'm fucking around with, don't know if i'll finish. three-page legion fancomicy thing. i want to beef up my portfolio with sequentials. lots of sequentials.... but i should be penciling STOP instead @__@!! and this tiny thing is more like a doodle-retard comic than a real one @__@!! we're really close on the next page and i think we're going to change it to black and white and it looks a lot cooler now, 'specially since okashes works in black and white so perfectly.

okay well, i've only promised myself that BY SDCC NEXT YEAR i will have a bunch of cool looking sequentials! plenty of time!! >____

ahahaha i hate current legion ;__; so so much. but it's drawn....so...well. why does god hate me?

Monday, July 7, 2008

got something super sweet at the flea market in freemont yesterday! i got these figures at toys r us the other day

so once i took them out of their plastic little haven, i realized my folly, they're not too great at standing up on their own and i don't have a surplus of little stands anywhere. so when we went to the flea market the other day we saw this awesome toy case. after cleaning it of crayon markings  and general dirt, i popped my toys in there. both sides open up and have little slots, so after filling in one side with heroes i popped in some bad guys on the other side (and superman's little helper robot). the inside covers have short four-panel comic strips with people's backstories.

the front cover has Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, hawkman, Green lantern, Aqua Man, and the Flash fighting Lex, Brainiac, the joker and the penguin inside a crazy ass robot above a city.  the back cover has all the heroes on stars. they're all so happy looking ;__;

click the image for a bigger version:

fuckin sweet, eh? you'll notice  Lex "Bad Touch" Luthor in there from the Doomsday superman movie.  man, that guy is a crazy superman molester :/!

 this was made by kenner and the imprint on it dates it at "1984", which is a year before i was even born! you can't see it in the photos, but it has relief stars all over the yellow plastic inside., there are stars all over it! there are little squares where stickers were supposed to go with each figure's logo/name on it. i love brainiac =3=!

much cooler than this plain piece of shit, right?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Are Legion! book preorders!!!

Hey guys! I'm now taking preorders on my new sketchbook, the price is $25 USD for the book and $5 USD for shipping! (if you're ordering international, the shipping price is still 5 bucks, don't worry!)

This sketchbook is Legion of SuperHeroes themed, most of it (like 58 out of 66 pages) being new, never before seen art!

The book is:
a mix of color and black and white images, of digital and non digital mediums
30+ different characters depicted from the Legion of SuperHeroes universe(s).
66 pages of art
perfectbound paperback

Advantages to Preordering:
you get it first!
free sketch of whatever you want inside!
I lick each one (USEFUL!)

If you're international, this is really the best way to go, because then shipping wont be so much!

So, if you want to preorder, comment here to reserve your copy. You have until May 9th to pay $30 USD, after that I hunt you down and kill you! No, really, just tell me if shit doesn't work out, I prefer to be told than be stuck with random book!

Payments are made via paypal (adriana.ferguson(at)gmail.com). If you want to pay with cash or check, note me and we'll discuss, but I really prefer paypal! Make sure when you pay that you include your address (there's usually an option that does this automatically in paypal! make sure that i know which address i need to send this to.)

To Preorder, Make Sure You:
1) comment/note whatever to reserve
2) pay me by May 9th
3) make sure you message/email with your address or include it in your paypal payment. Make sure that you make it clear who you are when you're paying!!! I don't know your real name, so make sure i know that Bob on Paypal is MrAwesome on DA or LJ or whatever, ok? To make all our lives easier, in the subject of your paypal payment, please put "USERNAME's payment for Legion book"

AND!!! If you are attending Emerald City Comicon, I will also be selling these there!

check the cover out:

(and a cheatsheet for the cover)

LJ Preorder List:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sketch dump

some shit. fan art ones will be crossposted on and  as applicable. sorry if you're getting this 50 times :/!

chemical king redesign.
  wonder woman and brainiac 5

kane and yaya

yaya and kane...in a historical drama.

more historical drama.

    andromeda, brainiac 5 and dream girl. dream girl's giving b5 a prediction.

   brainiac 5.

god. ok. yeah. i love brainiac 5 way too much.  this is like, a tenth of the pictures i've drawn of him. seriously. :/!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

sketch update

gaia shit -