Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Are Legion! book preorders!!!

Hey guys! I'm now taking preorders on my new sketchbook, the price is $25 USD for the book and $5 USD for shipping! (if you're ordering international, the shipping price is still 5 bucks, don't worry!)

This sketchbook is Legion of SuperHeroes themed, most of it (like 58 out of 66 pages) being new, never before seen art!

The book is:
a mix of color and black and white images, of digital and non digital mediums
30+ different characters depicted from the Legion of SuperHeroes universe(s).
66 pages of art
perfectbound paperback

Advantages to Preordering:
you get it first!
free sketch of whatever you want inside!
I lick each one (USEFUL!)

If you're international, this is really the best way to go, because then shipping wont be so much!

So, if you want to preorder, comment here to reserve your copy. You have until May 9th to pay $30 USD, after that I hunt you down and kill you! No, really, just tell me if shit doesn't work out, I prefer to be told than be stuck with random book!

Payments are made via paypal (adriana.ferguson(at)gmail.com). If you want to pay with cash or check, note me and we'll discuss, but I really prefer paypal! Make sure when you pay that you include your address (there's usually an option that does this automatically in paypal! make sure that i know which address i need to send this to.)

To Preorder, Make Sure You:
1) comment/note whatever to reserve
2) pay me by May 9th
3) make sure you message/email with your address or include it in your paypal payment. Make sure that you make it clear who you are when you're paying!!! I don't know your real name, so make sure i know that Bob on Paypal is MrAwesome on DA or LJ or whatever, ok? To make all our lives easier, in the subject of your paypal payment, please put "USERNAME's payment for Legion book"

AND!!! If you are attending Emerald City Comicon, I will also be selling these there!

check the cover out:

(and a cheatsheet for the cover)

LJ Preorder List: