Friday, September 26, 2008

the internet is boring

i have found the most seriously boring blog in the history of the internet. A BLOG ABOUT PENCILS

what's MORE amazing? they don't really talk about mechanical pencils. like to them, mechanical pencils aren't real pencils or something. like holy shit. so fucking boring and i CANNOT STOP READING IT. the amount of knowledge on these obscure pencils is insane. what's weird is that i have shit tons of art supplies and pencils. i have so fucking many you have no idea. it's a serious addiction. but these people seem utterly different. my understanding and subsequent usage of the cylindrical objects i horde so psychotically is strikingly primitive. i also have very little comprehension of QUALITY. i use pretty much everything i can, from shitty ass rose art crap found in a child's lunch box to the coveted trias and copics. all are mercilessly brutalized. i find that sometimes, more important than the lead is the eraser. as long as i can get the shit off the paper a good amount of times i'm happy. i secretly despise pencils that are sp high brow that they don't have erasers. they destroy me with their astonishing impracticality.

what's fucking weird surprising is that the people that are super into these pencils don't seem to be artists, they seem to like using them soley for the purpose of jotting down notes.  okay, follow along: an ELECTRONIC JOURNAL that takes NOTES on PENCILS they use to TAKE NOTES  WITH although they obviously have access to a computer (presumably notes not about pencils...). they also describe the lead wood casing with terms i would never apply to art supplies. don't get me wrong, i think we all know a shitty pencil when we see one (usually the one your asshole parents got you that were about 50 fucking million for three cents, and every time you had to make do with it you wanted to find the person that made that piece of shit and kill them with the sharp metal that became exposed when the eraser fell the fuck out). but for me there was only "shitty fuck pencil" and "normal pencil". wooden pencils are just fucking annoying to me now, because i have to sharpen them and sometimes that goes horribly wrong. and never goes right again. when i get handed a wooden pencil i feel very surprised like "what the fuck is this? you still exist, wooden pencil?! people still exist that think you're acceptable?" it'd be like someone handing me a rotary phone.

one thing that's cool is that they photograph all the pencils very close up and make them look like very pretty works of art.

anyways. if you're a fucking weirdo like me, you might consider joining the PENCIL OF THE MONTH CLUB. the website is pretty ghetto but they deliver and holy shit do they love their pencils. i ended up looking at that blog just trying to figure out wtf they'd sent me this time. i liek getting things in the mail. last tiem they sent a nail buffer, which has nothing to do with pencils but i had just been thinking that i NEEDED a nail buffer so i saw this as a very serious sign.

some sketches and a commission:


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