Thursday, September 4, 2008

some shit


slowly. i love mon-el more and more every day. maybe a work in prog, dunno if i'll work on it more or not.

have you tried out google's chrome?!! it is the SHIT. it merged with my fucking firefox and slowly seeped into my body. still need firefox because it has fireftp and a handy button that takes me to gmails but other than that.... holy fuck. WELL PLAYED, GOOGLE, WELL PLAYED.

in the future, all technology will be google, and the only music will be santogold, and the only writer of fiction will be geoff johns. except for the music part, my life will be complete.

we went to the museum the other day. they had a HORRIBLE exhibit on impressionism. i cry so many tears at art historians, it's like they'd never painted a god damn picture in their life. i just want to shake them some times "THEY WEREN'T MAKING A STATEMENT ON ANYTHING, THEY WERE JUST TRYING TO PAINT THE FUCKING HAND AND THEY FUCKED IT ALL UP"

but it made me wanna to a portrait. let me do a quick portrait.

i have been playing flyff with okashes, stumbled upon it when we were trying to find some examples of other item based economy mmos to show the bosses. and giving them ALL MY FUCKING MONEY OMFG. any of you guys play it?

if you follow my sketch dump you've already seen this. i need to climb back on the commission wagon.

something i'm fucking around with, don't know if i'll finish. three-page legion fancomicy thing. i want to beef up my portfolio with sequentials. lots of sequentials.... but i should be penciling STOP instead @__@!! and this tiny thing is more like a doodle-retard comic than a real one @__@!! we're really close on the next page and i think we're going to change it to black and white and it looks a lot cooler now, 'specially since okashes works in black and white so perfectly.

okay well, i've only promised myself that BY SDCC NEXT YEAR i will have a bunch of cool looking sequentials! plenty of time!! >____

ahahaha i hate current legion ;__; so so much. but it's why does god hate me?

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