Saturday, November 29, 2008

delhi, nilo, founders

ughhh so sick. we saw bolt last night. holy shit, fucking adorable. go see it. so so funny.


nilo with a robot's head. practicing musculature.  i think i'm over thinking it, he loosk really awkward ;_;

  business man nilo

legion founders. legion will be on the next episode of smallville. unfortunately, the next new episode is in fucking january. i might actually explode in the meantime.

i love the new millenium show is like fucking catnip for me

Thursday, November 20, 2008

welcome home

mon-el, krypto, superman.

ok so mon-el might get out of the fucking phantom zone. again. awesome. so i wanted to do a picture of them hugging but then i drew mon-el's head too far away and well it was looking really inappropriate, like i couldn't position their arms so that it didn't look like porn. so i put the dog in there to explain why they're at such an awkward distance.

dogs are hard to draw. kyprto's like "DON'T WORRY, I'LL COVER YOU WITH DOG SPIT"


drew superman. i used to draw big dudes like him all the time, i had to, considering Ilk, but i'm finding it harder now for some reason!! i keep making his face look like a baby and his nose shorter and more upturned? younger looking than people usually draw him. i also like him with more expressive eyes which also adds youth to a person...

still working on it. i'm really going to try and work on a mon-el picture.

also he keeps looking like a gay pornstar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more losh

LOSH 47. not just a let down but perhaps the biggest rickroll upon my sad fangirl heart ever.

i was going to make a scans_daily post about it but jesus christ i don't feel like listening to retards with shitty taste defend it right now. maybe later i will catalogue the explisve diarrhea that was shooter's run upon it's approaching climax.

on a much awesomer note, the legion will be in adventure comics again! sweet!! yes, come to me.

and here's a blank version.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

legion of three querls

i really like legion of three worlds. because the only thing better than 1 querl is 2 querls. and the only thing better than that is three querls.

querls in winter clothing~

see, the third lyle is dead, so i guess this is a little sad since he's happy to see them...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


((no sketch))

thank god for obama. god.

i grew up in ohio, i only moved from there to seattle at the beginning of 07.

i went to school with a girl whose dad was a grand wizard in the local KKK chapter. when i was as little as 5 years old teachers would treat me what i'll called 'differently". the mothers in the girlscouts told their daughters not to play with me (for the record, i've never gotten a detention in my life, i've gotten a time out ONCE in 4th grade, i was probably the most well behaved child you've ever fucking seen). when our football team would play a black school, they'd put rebel flags in their trucks. i remember being in study hall and a kid drew a picture of a back person being hanged. teacher came in and looked at it erased it, but did nothing. when i was 13 or so this boy asked me out. a couple days later he said he had to break up with me because ifh is dad found out he was dating a not white person he'd beat the fuck out of him. I'm 23. This wasn't 40 years ago, this wasn't 30 years ago, this wasn't 20 years ago, this was 10 years ago. This was 6 years ago.

i never, EVER thought we would have a black president in my lifetime. i didn't think he'd get past the primaries. i ddn't think he'd be nominated. i'm glad i was wrong. i'm glad that if I have a kid, they'll grow up in an american where people won't think "there will never be a minority president".

((oh, i'm also glad that 99 percent of my friends list is happy. people that are freakish mccain supporters are being removed :D))

california, please. please no on prop 8. for those of you on the team in california, i feel for you, i hope your marriages aren't rendered illegal. no one can take your love away!! i hope that when i want to settle down with a special lady, i'll be able to.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

fan art will be here

ok... so i think i'm going to keep my gay fan art exclusively here (on my lj and this blog which is a mirror).

to keep shit clean, my rambling about whatever the fuck will be under a cut.... hahaha now i have to edit fucking template on blogger to understand cuts =___=; only one of these is fanart.

also, i messed wiht the template. it took me FOREVER i am SO BAD at this god @___@!!!

jimmy olsen, lois, lana (old school version)

when i'm on autopilot, i just draw heads.

arandzi from stop