Tuesday, November 4, 2008


((no sketch))

thank god for obama. god.

i grew up in ohio, i only moved from there to seattle at the beginning of 07.

i went to school with a girl whose dad was a grand wizard in the local KKK chapter. when i was as little as 5 years old teachers would treat me what i'll called 'differently". the mothers in the girlscouts told their daughters not to play with me (for the record, i've never gotten a detention in my life, i've gotten a time out ONCE in 4th grade, i was probably the most well behaved child you've ever fucking seen). when our football team would play a black school, they'd put rebel flags in their trucks. i remember being in study hall and a kid drew a picture of a back person being hanged. teacher came in and looked at it erased it, but did nothing. when i was 13 or so this boy asked me out. a couple days later he said he had to break up with me because ifh is dad found out he was dating a not white person he'd beat the fuck out of him. I'm 23. This wasn't 40 years ago, this wasn't 30 years ago, this wasn't 20 years ago, this was 10 years ago. This was 6 years ago.

i never, EVER thought we would have a black president in my lifetime. i didn't think he'd get past the primaries. i ddn't think he'd be nominated. i'm glad i was wrong. i'm glad that if I have a kid, they'll grow up in an american where people won't think "there will never be a minority president".

((oh, i'm also glad that 99 percent of my friends list is happy. people that are freakish mccain supporters are being removed :D))

california, please. please no on prop 8. for those of you on the team in california, i feel for you, i hope your marriages aren't rendered illegal. no one can take your love away!! i hope that when i want to settle down with a special lady, i'll be able to.


Kate said...

Having grown up in a hugely white community (while being white myself) it always disheartens me to learn that racism is still just as there as it ever was, only now people have to be more discreet and sleuthy about it. I try not to pull any naive bullshit and say things like "I can't believe people are still racist!" because that would make me an idiot. When I was younger it would always surprise me to hear things like that on TV, but now it just disgusts me.

I can proudly say I voted for Obama, and not because it would make history, and because he would be the first black president, and not because I wanted someone other than an old white guy as president for a change. I can honestly say I really like the guy, and that he gives me hope I didn't think was possible in this day and age. It disgusts me that people have labeled him and said such horrible things like "within a year, terrorists are going to overrun the white house." Jesus christ, it makes me want to hit them all (they're probably all the same people that pulled that shit in California). I try my hardest to judge people on the "content of their character, not the color of their skin." I just wish other people could try just as hard.

So to end this rambly and erratic comment...hooray future!

CA3 said...

A black man being elected president of the US was clearly only a matter of time. I just never expected us to have both a woman and a black man running for the position at the same time. But let's face facts, it was awesome, that Both Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton where the first legitimate minority candidates for president of the United States since Shirley Chisolm ran for the position back in her day.

But moving along, America's history of racism aside, we have to keep Barack Obama's presidential victory in perspective. Hilary Clinton wasn't going to get it because a lot of working class men are intimidated by women they see as intelligent, confident, and better educated than they are. McCain's senatorial record seriously worked against him, to say nothing of his poor VP selection being both a slap to the face of intelligent women across the country, especially in light of the female Presidential candidate the democrats presented, and the available female senator who could have better served to secure votes in areas of the country he was not well liked in. That, and folks are betting McCain will be dead in less than 4 or 8 years and folks were dreading the possibility of his grossly inexperienced running mate taking the job in his passing.

Obama's competition over the long run made a series of bad choices his campaign could exploit to his supporters benefit. Will Obama's election, and soon inaguration mean racism in America is dead, or in anyway lessened? Hell, no, but I do hope that should he be permitted to serve all four years of a first term in office, that he is able to counter negative media images in entertainment that minorities in the US find bombarding them every day. And has shown, that he is worthy of being re-elected to the position of president, not due to any lack of choice for the position, but due to an overwhelming sense of voter support and confidence that he is the best man for the job.