Thursday, November 20, 2008


drew superman. i used to draw big dudes like him all the time, i had to, considering Ilk, but i'm finding it harder now for some reason!! i keep making his face look like a baby and his nose shorter and more upturned? younger looking than people usually draw him. i also like him with more expressive eyes which also adds youth to a person...

still working on it. i'm really going to try and work on a mon-el picture.

also he keeps looking like a gay pornstar.

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Kate said...

Oh man, I draw Superman really similarly to how you do. I can't quite manage that manly look every comic book artist has mastered, mine always comes out looking adorably muscley. It doesn't help that I pretty much gave up and just call him Super-Duper Man instead.

moar supermans nao pls. I really love your cute version 8D