Monday, July 7, 2008

got something super sweet at the flea market in freemont yesterday! i got these figures at toys r us the other day

so once i took them out of their plastic little haven, i realized my folly, they're not too great at standing up on their own and i don't have a surplus of little stands anywhere. so when we went to the flea market the other day we saw this awesome toy case. after cleaning it of crayon markings  and general dirt, i popped my toys in there. both sides open up and have little slots, so after filling in one side with heroes i popped in some bad guys on the other side (and superman's little helper robot). the inside covers have short four-panel comic strips with people's backstories.

the front cover has Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, hawkman, Green lantern, Aqua Man, and the Flash fighting Lex, Brainiac, the joker and the penguin inside a crazy ass robot above a city.  the back cover has all the heroes on stars. they're all so happy looking ;__;

click the image for a bigger version:

fuckin sweet, eh? you'll notice  Lex "Bad Touch" Luthor in there from the Doomsday superman movie.  man, that guy is a crazy superman molester :/!

 this was made by kenner and the imprint on it dates it at "1984", which is a year before i was even born! you can't see it in the photos, but it has relief stars all over the yellow plastic inside., there are stars all over it! there are little squares where stickers were supposed to go with each figure's logo/name on it. i love brainiac =3=!

much cooler than this plain piece of shit, right?