Sunday, November 15, 2009

sketch update!

-sketches done in alchemy
-four pages of sketches from my sketchbook.-working out a character-arandzi and beau

Saturday, September 26, 2009

another sketch dump

the sketch for a commission that fell through. at least i got to draw something i like. impulse and inertia!

me trying to figure out this character's hair, I ended up deciding he was bald with different wigs. more accurate.

<-pencils to final->

Saturday, August 15, 2009

more project concepts

still working on that project. more concept art. a lot of this was done during my trip to SDCC in the hotel room or on the plane ride over. i got these new cool markers at the convention made by shinhan called "Touch" they're kind of like copics but cheaper, i really like working with them. i like cheaper markers in general because i feel horrified and guilty whenever i bust out my expensive ones, like "YOU MUST MAKE SOMETHING COOL" and then i don't :/!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sdcc, yyys, and hella sketches

hey guys.

any of you bitches going to sdcc?

the other day i bought the new yeah yeah yeahs cd. however, laziness has kept me from even ripping it so that i can listen to it (i listen to everything on the computer). i might actually dl it just so i don't have to go through the effort of ripping it. i'm pretty sure that's fucking crazy. i can't even work up the ambition to fetch it and pop the cd into the computer. i soooo rarely use drives in my computer, everything is sd cards and external hd now...

i've been watching cake boss lately. it's a really cute show, i'm always impressed by how he makes these technically very complicated looking sculptures. and unlike horrible ace of cakes he actually makes edible cakes. 

anyways. some sketches! these took... so fucking long to fucking scan. ;_;!

this is the sketch

and this is the finished picture

me and kash are working on a new project. WE HAVEN'T EVEN NAMED IT YET. in the coming year we want to make two neat little comics. here are some sketches and studies from that.

i didn't realize how bad this looked until i posted it on my twitter thing and people replied with concern. he's sad because guards are taking him from his dad. nothing weird ;_;!

 designs for a "mara", a nightmare spirit.

 designs for a lightning lady

 designs for samekh

 designs for sparkly guy

 original concepts for binary, you can see a finished picture of them here. i like these sketches way better than that illustration of them :/!

  designs for cornelius

julius and serge and cornelius

julius and serge and the gentleman

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

black tie affair - black and white pictures

i'm doing $10 dollar commissions over on DA . i stared at okash and told her to give me something to draw that would work well in black and white so i could make samples. she said aqualad and cauf.

buhhhh aqualad *gay* :/

cauf belongs to kash

and here are some of the actual commissions:

cain and aiden for draiad

lisa and queen of ice for rockitqeen

inferno for judedeluca

ember and eolande for nursenikki

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sketch update

commission i'm working on.

chloe and adeve


kitten and lady

kane and beastboy doodles

thing of vv i'm working on