Friday, January 30, 2009

final crisis with morgan freeman (part 1)

;_; *sigh*

the part of final crisis will be played by morgan freeman.

we'll start with cavemen.

me) oh my god. what. why are cavemen in this. that is not a supermans. that's glowing guy in a chair. oh my god.

don't worry. here's some guy in a trench coat.

me) do i know THAT guy? is... that 's not harvey bullock....

no it's not. hey orion's dead.

me) who's orion again? man i dunno shit about the new gods, i am already fucked. i thought they killed these guys in "death of the new gods"

don't worry, the green lanterns are investigating.

me) ok, good i know what those are. ok ok. murder. investigation good. i think i know who killed him though. there's this guy he's always fighting...

hey, here's mas and menos from that teen titans cartoon. oh they're dead now. good bye. that  sometimes happens. like penguins.

me) oh god. was that important?

not at all. there's a big distraction going on, can you guess why?

me) why.

martian manhunter just got murdered :)

me) holy shit what. by who?


me) who the fuck is libra?!

no one important, let's move along :)

me) ;_;

can you guess who darksied is inside of?

me) .... oh clever i get it :/

but do you know who he wants to be inside of?

me)....i dunno,  i'd pick brad pitt. or that guy on supernatural, or mario lopez? he's ripped like jesus.

no, he wants to be inside of that trenchcoat man.

me)....what. he's got beer belly.... does darkseid know that brad pitt exists?

and here's the justice league. four panels.

me) what! n- no i KNOW those guys! them, bring them back! what's batman thinking!!!

here are monitors

me) what's a monitor ;_;

they keep all the earths in a giant golf ball tube :) things just got real for them. they watch things.

me) ok, so space voyeurs. ok. why are they being a dick to that guy.

you have to read superman beyond. maybe :)

me) stop smiling at me ;____;

here are more cavemen :) but look, the statue of liberty. can you guess why? that's right. because i hate you :)

me) ;________;

Monday, January 19, 2009


legion nerdery.

when will the crisis end? come to me, new beautiful universe. and yes, kids. a reboot approacheth. and it will wipe away the stupidity. and replace it with a new flavor of stupidity. i want my legion fo 3 worlds god dammit. COME TO ME.

more megamega




the legion just got real <3 the only good episode of smallville i have EVER seen. god damn. also? it ends with the biggest prompting for more legion episodes ever "here's this riing, come visit ANY TIME."

cos was super pretty ;_____;!!!!

but vv, you ask, what could be gayer than screaming happily at an episode of a horrible show containing characters that no one knows about except you, okash, and a bunch of 50 year old men?



*sigh* one day, legion will be a cute manga looking thing and then you can all come enjoy it with me.

i put up a poll on a da asking people what kind of step-by-step i should do. i love the votes for "don't bother", like my art that they put on their watch with their own fingers disgusts them so much. you have the power to "REMOVE". i am a big fan of removing people form my watch when their art gets annoying. because then i do not have to SEE IT anymore and i am no longer ANGRY. i take people off my watch for saying sexist or racist shit too. some people can like, separate their love of the artwork and the horrors that spill from a creator's mouth/fingers, but i am not one of those people.

blah blah. webcomic is up to page 7. IS THIS GETTING ANNOYING YET?

i've been listening to bird and the bee, i like them because they sound strikingly a lot like splashdown, which no one listened to except me and like, two other people.

we watched all of torchwood. fucking god damn that fucking show. SADDEST SHOW EVER?! WHY DO THEY KILL SO MANY PEOPLE?

typical episode of torchwood:

"here's a puppy,(part of puppy will be played by horrendous CG) [jack says something homoerotic. or erotic. or funny. or something both erotic AND funny] look at this sad puppy's sad sad life. [watch something really cute happen. jack says something else happy] now watch this puppy die a horrible, horrible death. [jack weeps]. the end."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the voice

i like it when batman and superman get along.


Friday, January 2, 2009

more sketches and major spoilers podcast and WEBCOMIC

kristen and i do a podcast on the legion of superheroes called superfuturefriends. the really awesome guys over at major spoilers asked us to guest on their legion episode with them. holy shit, so fun. our show tends to be us summarizing, so we don't get to turn our nerd dials up to 9,999 very often. So if you want to listen, here's a link to Major Spoilers Episode #70 We Are Legion!. stephen even asked to use one of my pictures for the episode! 8_8

in other news, me and kristen are also proud to bring you our other, also joint, also nerdy project: S.T.O.P.! a webcomic about people who beat the crap out of bad people! yeah!!

and now!

some pictures.

chloe, done on greg's oekaki, but the oekaki ate the picture :/

svetlana and pavel

cauf (who belongs to ) and some guy.