Friday, January 2, 2009

more sketches and major spoilers podcast and WEBCOMIC

kristen and i do a podcast on the legion of superheroes called superfuturefriends. the really awesome guys over at major spoilers asked us to guest on their legion episode with them. holy shit, so fun. our show tends to be us summarizing, so we don't get to turn our nerd dials up to 9,999 very often. So if you want to listen, here's a link to Major Spoilers Episode #70 We Are Legion!. stephen even asked to use one of my pictures for the episode! 8_8

in other news, me and kristen are also proud to bring you our other, also joint, also nerdy project: S.T.O.P.! a webcomic about people who beat the crap out of bad people! yeah!!

and now!

some pictures.

chloe, done on greg's oekaki, but the oekaki ate the picture :/

svetlana and pavel

cauf (who belongs to ) and some guy.

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