Friday, March 27, 2009

portfolio work

working on portfolio. making sequentials. thinking six pages of this, then 3 pages of something dc (legion, of course), then 3 pages of something marvel. maybe hercules and cho since i fucking love that comic. or thor. i love thor.

okash will be inking this for me. you should follow her blog to see how she's been sexing shit up with her inks lately.

ok so this took me like a million years to do. REALLY REALLY HARD. it's full of things that i'm not that great at drawing, so i had to try really hard. i hope it makes sense. it's really weird to work with something so big and so fucking close to your face and then see it from further away. it was jsut one page but it TOOK SO LONG. also, this is way bigger. WAY WAY bigger than the size we work on for the webcomic. and i also tried to pump in as much detail as possible. these six pages will be some out-of-continuity pages from the series. maybe think of it as beau/arandzi/kitri having a prologue adventure.

also, another thing. i don't usually draw clothing for stop. when i sketch the page, all the people are naked. kristen is the one that draws their clothing over top. so i'm really not used to drawing their uniforms (desert version here) and it's incredibly daunting. i don't usually pencil anything this tight because i'm usually inking it myself or kristen's doing it and she knows what to do with balls of scribble that i pass to her. so.. yeah. super fucking hard. it took way too long, but hte first one's always the hardest, right? ;____;

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