Monday, May 11, 2009

Pete Ross's Terrifying First Appearance - Superboy 86

I posted this on scans daily a billion years ago but S_D is dead so...

This is the first appearance of Pete Ross.

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Now, if I was Pete, I would think Clark had a huge crush on that Superboy.

And then Pete shares that... he's into drama (.....!!!!!!) and also DETECTIVEWORK (....!!!!!).

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so clark goes into pete's den of Drama Club.

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I love Clark's back-of-hand-on-forehead pose. And then Pete measures Clark's waist... We find out he has a 30 inch waist.

Turns out Pete has an obsession with Superboy too @_@!

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You know, Clark, you can ask him wtf he's doing. You don't have to just cry and go along with it. but he wants a friend SO BADLY ;_;!!

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...oh god. My favorite thing is Clark crying as Pete makes him put on the Superboy costume.
Luckily, Pete is the worst detective ever.


Kate Madalene said...

"Wow, by one massive coincidence, Clark Kent is the exact duplicate of Superboy, and they happen to live in the same town and creep around the same people." Wow Pete, great conclusion.

Thanks for putting these up, it was the best laugh I've had in a while. One of my favorite parts was "Superboy's parting the bog like Moses parted the Red Sea!" Apparently Superboy isn't glamorous enough for an actual body of water and gets stuck with the sewage of nature.

XantesFire said...

Seriously at times I thought Superman's secret identity was really flimsy. Clark Kent and Superman both lived in Smallville, later they both live in Metropolis. How many other boys from Smallville moved to Metropolis? Some reporter Lois is.

Clark is so stuck in "this is a job for...Superboy" mode that he doesn't ever just think to rescue a person like a normal person would. Throw Pete some rope and pull him out of the bog.