Sunday, June 13, 2010

pencils for MAOH

working hard on sketch accumulation for sketchbook and Minor Acts of Heroism! So I thought I could show you some pencils in the meantime!

Now, you might be thinking "something looks strange here", that's because some of the characters don't have clothing!!

kristen draws the clothes on people since I kind of suck balls at clothing (I had to draw sergio and julius' stuff because I hadn't exactly figured out wtf they were going to wear yet).

sometimes last second revisions happen and we (especially me) don't have a clear handle on the clothes until it's game time!

ok, so, here are some pencils from pages!

blank panels mean a repeat! on this page we decided in the inking stage to have simon's eyes be less simplified while he's eating. This is kristen's scan so you can see where she added in clothing already and where she carefully marked out where the black should be. I mark places too but usually just to keep it straight in my own head

first panel is a repeat of the 3rd!

julius' basement! it took a while to do!


Loona said...

Out of curiosity, I noticed a bunch of little x's in the sketch of the basement.. Are those markers for anything or just a technique you came up with to help yourself? I don't have any formal art training so I was just wondering if I was missing something :x

adriana said...

this is a very old comic book technique! pencillers/inkers will mark off sections of the paper with little x's to say "this area is black". This saves the penciller from having to shade the thing in with lead (messy/time consuming/wasting a hand), and when the inker is working, it helps them keep track of the different tiny areas they're dealing with. when you're working it's easy to forget which place is supposed to be black and which is white. Try inking something with a lot of complex shapes and you'll see what i mean!

i filled in some of the spaces with lead because even with the x's I was having a hard time figuring out if what i was doing made sense!

if you look online for raw, pencilled pages you'll see x's like this a lot! hope this makes sense!

Loona said...

It made perfect sense! Thank you for the explanation <3