Sunday, February 14, 2010

sketches and S.T.O.P. preorders!

 new character 

 another new character, cat witch!
zatanna sketch.

this is an edited version of an old picture that may or may not end up on a shirt for a haiti fundraiser

Now taking preorders for S.T.O.P!!!

i can't believe we finished the revamped chapter, really ;_;! it was so hard ;_;, we came home each night from our jobs all tired and then worked and worked until we slept ;__;! the printed edition has bonus comics and cool shit in it!! and the deluxe edition comes with sexy prints and stickers and a drawing inside. :D!  now i've started research for the first issue of our next thing. it might kill me. one of the settings is very complex ;__;

Me and okashi and jake are gonna be at Emerald City in Artist Alley (Table C-03! come see us! also, the comic will be available there too! and we'll have some cool stuff for sale as well, like the finished version of that zatanna.