Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Apparently, now I'm addicted to complaining about products that make me sad.

To Whom it May Concern,

Your fat free tortillas stick together. I don't know if this is just the fat free ones or a fluke or what. I didn't have this problem with the regular (not fat free) ones but again, I don't know if that means anything.

What I purchased was a solid block of tortilla. Prying them apart was useless, the centers cemented together to form an indistinguishable core of tortilla-ness. I tried heating the tortilla pile, to get them to come apart, but it was useless, only making it worse. In the end I pulled off the outside parts and then used bits of other parts to cover the hole in the center. It was a sad patchwork held together with cheese and beans that, once heated further, caused a break in the tortilla structure that melted through and attached my lunch to the plate. 

This was a catastrophic day for burritos. A burritastrophe, if you will. I ate it anyways, but there were tears in my eyes and not with the usual grace one associates with burrito consumption. 

Just thought I'd let you know. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

strathmore, i will fight you on a waterfall


So I emailed them like "the new shit you sent me is wrong." This was a long back and forth with so I'm abbreviating a lot here but with some choice quotes:

First, I was talking to someone named "ann" then I was switched to "donald". Donald thought my name was "Andria", because Donald doesn't give a shit.

"Please remember the guidelines are just that guidelines and should not come into play in the final art."

Wait. What?!! No. The whole purpose of having ruled paper is that you don't have to worry about measuring for thirds/half panels. so already, i know I'm in trouble, this guy doesn't think where the third markers are is an important thing.

"It is impossible to tell the exact dimensions from your scan."

"May I ask, do you resize your artwork for scanning and printing? We consulted with Marvel and DC artists along with the Center for Cartoon Studies when we laid the sheets out. Most of them do not use blue lined sheets except in commercial work. They resize their personal work so they prefer to use unlined sheets and will resize at their computer."

What. I don't even...what...

Marvel and DC artists use ruled paper. They...yes they do, what the fuck are you talking about. in fact, DC and Marvel MAKE THEIR OWN RULED PAPER WITH THEIR LOGO ON IT.
this this this

WHAT. It's a scan so yes, it's SHRUNKEN DOWN but I don't like... randomly transform half the page so that it's all fucked up. Furthermore, I'm just scanning it to SHOW HIM what I am seeing when I take a ruler to the page! I'm not just looking at a scan on a computer screen! He also sent me .pdf showing what their layout is for the page, and is all "well the layout is correct and the scan you sent matched the layout" (what he means by 'match' is that the logo is at the top, they had an older run of paper that had the logo at the bottom and was wrong). WHAT. I don't give a shit if your layout ON THE COMPUTER is correct, I want the physical paper to be correct!! THE PAPER, BITCH!

Ok, so at this point I realized I was speaking to someone that really doesn't know what they're talking about and can't even form words enough to talk to me about this sensibly. And he's like "we'll send you some unlined paper so you can rule it however you want" like, fuck you buddy! I bought this so I wouldn't have to figure out where the half and thirds marks are! YOU MADE THE PRODUCT! Don't tell me that a product YOU MADE has no real point, are you insane?! So then I sent him a giant email going "I do not want anymore paper from you, DO NOT send me any more paper" and links to REAL comic pages with the logos at the top, etc. Hopefully he doesn't even reply back to me because I'm blown away at how fucking stupid this is.

Moral of the story: do not buy Strathmore ruled pages. Ever. They are too lazy to USE A RULER and physically check the paper coming out of their printers.

**note that while I'm full of rage and cursing in this post, my replies to this idiot were nothing but patient and nice, I even had kristen run it through her unbitchifying filter before I sent my responses! only my last email going "WHAT" was just angry and not rude.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

pencils for MAOH

working hard on sketch accumulation for sketchbook and Minor Acts of Heroism! So I thought I could show you some pencils in the meantime!

Now, you might be thinking "something looks strange here", that's because some of the characters don't have clothing!!

kristen draws the clothes on people since I kind of suck balls at clothing (I had to draw sergio and julius' stuff because I hadn't exactly figured out wtf they were going to wear yet).

sometimes last second revisions happen and we (especially me) don't have a clear handle on the clothes until it's game time!

ok, so, here are some pencils from pages!

blank panels mean a repeat! on this page we decided in the inking stage to have simon's eyes be less simplified while he's eating. This is kristen's scan so you can see where she added in clothing already and where she carefully marked out where the black should be. I mark places too but usually just to keep it straight in my own head

first panel is a repeat of the 3rd!

julius' basement! it took a while to do!