Sunday, September 26, 2010

jet city commissions

some bad photos of commissions i did for jet city. the one with three ladies is supposed to be poison ivy, harley and catwoman. the guy was like “can you draw all three of them together” and i was like “sure” and he was like “and make them all sexy like some of these *gesture at prints on table*”. And then I wept a lot because I don’t think the prints are very sexy at all ;___;! they’re just cuddling! cuddles!

then I was stuck going “god, what do sexy ladies do? hand holding and hugging, right? :/”

and kristen was like “just give them sex-face and it’ll look sexy”.

not very good at “sex-face” either. so. super sexy cuddle time, I guess. I’m pretty sure he was disappointed ;_;! sorry, dude.

also on this track, cosmic boy in classic costume, querl and lyle, supergirl, batmite (extremely hard to draw for me, btw), and streaky the cat.


jet city comic show print sketches

sketches from prints that were at jet city comic show

Sunday, September 5, 2010