Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Woman snaps picture of 'coward' in subway groping---

(TW for sexual assault) Woman snaps picture of 'coward' in subway groping---

(TW for sexual assault)
Woman snaps picture of 'coward' in subway groping—
The 22-year-old woman who fought back against a subway perv man who pulled up her skirt and groped broke down in tears when she spotted him in a police line-up.
"I knew it was him right away," Shyane Dejesus, a senior at City College, said Monday. "It is a face I couldn't forget. … I was overwhelmed. I started crying."
The man she identified, Froylan Andrade, 39, was awaiting arraignment Monday night on sex abuse charges — a day after cops arrested him at his Elmhurst, Queens, home.
A self-described "tough cookie," Dejesus was waiting on the 6 platform at Union Square at about 9:30 a.m. Oct. 23 when the suspect lifted her dress and groped her private area, cops said.
Dejesus, an anthropology major from Astoria, said she was on the downtown platform yelling "this man groped me" but that nobody came to her aid.
"I was hysterical, my hands were shaking, I was overwhelmed," Dejesus said. "They looked at this man and then at me then turned their heads."Dejesus said her instincts kicked in and she began fighting against her attacker.
"I punched him with my left hand even though I'm right-handed," Dejesus said. "I didn't want him to get away with it."
He fled onto the train and took a seat. Dejesus followed and kicked him in the face, snapping his photo with her cell phone camera, she said.
All the while, he didn't say a word, Dejesus said.
"The minute you fight back, they're cowards," she said.
Cops said they were able to arrest Andrade because of a tipster who recognized him from the photo Dejesus snapped.
Andrade was arrested Sunday after his brother gave cops his address.Both brothers work at Spring Natural, a restaurant on Spring St. Police went there after getting the tip.
"I was raised to fight back," Dejesus said. "I felt disgusting. I'm nice but I'm a tough cookie.
"Dejesus, who got off the subway at Astor Place, urged other women to fight back too."Don't let them scare you," she said. "They're cowards."
Other articles say this fuck put his dick on her too @_@! WTF. 
nb- keep yourself from rage and don't read comments on the article linked.

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CA3 said...

Well, good for her. She did the responsible thing by not letting the guy disappear to prey on someone else. Hell, she went after this guy like he owed her money. More women should do that. The guys arrest will make him known to law enforcement if he should continue in the future.

The only thing I would recommend is investing time, energy into some intensive self defense classes and weight training. Everyone should be confident that their punches and kicks have as much power as their body can muster.